Sell yourself now, be freed (maybe) later

Such a smooth deceiver
Grinning as he leaves them
Empty handed and broken
Feeling like givers not victims
– Mike Semesky

Be me: I’ve just completed my Military Service, I had lots of plans, needs, and preparations for my new life. There was this one item that I needed, and much more wanted. And no, I couldn’t afford it.

The scenery

I hadn’t enough cash on me, and I wasn’t going to lose all my (puny) savings on it, and waiting is a pretty difficult option. What do I do? I see “Buy now, pay later” services everywhere. It seemed like they’ve always been there, and I never preyed on it. I’ve always been a bit skeptic about it; There was the issue with usury loans that drive the world’s finance. and there was another issue with me: safety.

I studied the terms and all provided documents of a quite famous BNPL service here in Egypt. And so far nothing seemed sketchy and that of course because I was only looking for what I wanted to see. I’ll spare you the financial details because this really isn’t the proper place for this.

The Problem

I did the deed, I applied, and I “purchased” the item, and the moment I was handed the “receipt”. I felt a terrible feeling of regret. I now walk out of the store with something that I don’t own or can’t even afford. It’s not right. I see the installment plan and all I could see is that I can’t claim this item mine till N moons to come. What if the unexpected happened and for some reason I couldn’t pay my dues on time? I’m on debt and for a reason that I admit is a first-world-problem. I didn’t borrow money to feed my starving family or something! I didn’t own that item, no. I leased myself to use this item, hoping one day I’ll be set free and own that item.

Lesson Learned

Never again shall I claim what I can’t afford, literally, and metaphorically.