Impact of my Open Source Projects

Hi, I’m Muhammad Hashim!

But also in this particular context I’m known as mhashim6. And this is a breakdown of some of my FOSS projects and how they’re used by the devs of the GitHub community.

This data was obtained using GitHub’s global code search utility.

Open Hadith Data

When I first made this, there was no actual open and free dataset for Hadith (الأحاديث النبوية). And this was the objective of this repo. And I later used it to build my very first public Android App–The Two Authentic books (الصحيحان: البخاري ومسلم)

Notable Projects that use Open Hadith Data


A cross-platform mobile and web app for Hadith


This python project provides various operations and insights on the hadith dataset


API to access Hadiths of Bukhari, Muslim, Abu-Dawud, Ahmed Ibn-Hanbal, Muwataa, Ibn-Maja, Al Tirmidhi, Al Nasai, Al Darimi


I developed Pi4K as complement to the father lib of JVM on the RaspberryPi—Pi4J
It’s a kotlin DSL that makes developing for RPIs not just fun, but also simple and concise.

Notable Projects that use Pi4K


Which is a companion repository for this great article on how to start developing on the RaspberryPi from absolute zero using Kotlin/JVM.


🚗 A project for school club; remoted car with Raspberry PI whose vision can be seen by VR (maybe stale; maybe hard).

I’m really glad my project helped these guys with their school project.

Gate Project

A cool project that used my work as starting point to build a smart IoT system

Simple-ADB & System-Command-Executor

Simple-ADB was my first ever public app that I built with Java. The objective was simple: one Graphical ADB Client to rule them all. And to my surprise, It actually became the #1 client till this very day.
System-Command-Executor was the component that wrapped native system commands in my client, I later decided to make it an independent lib to be re-used in other projects.

Notable Projects that use Simple-ADB & System-Command-Executor


A tool to edit your lengthy screen records, automatically.


FWUL - The most reliable adb/fastboot live system ever - to manage ANY Android without driver hassle


An Intellij Platform Plugin that plays a drum roll sound on compile/build. and other equally-fun sounds when build has errors, or warnings.

People that use intellij-drumroll or are inspired by it


Call a configurable webhook on build start, error, or success. Useful for sending push notifications, blinking lights, etc.

I was really glad to read this line by the author:

Significant inspiration drawn from intellij-drumroll by mhashim6

Turns out there are plenty of people who used intellij-drumroll as a part of their portable development starter-kit. I picked:

Honorable Mentions

I wrote this gist in 2017 to publicly document how to get rid of Arabic diacritics (تشكيل) using Java as an example. And it got listed in numerous Awesome-x-like repos.

Notable Projects that use


Open Source HolyQuran app that provide Read, Listen, Tafseer, Test all of them and app is very small size.


LC-3 VM Python implementation [school project].

Projects that use LC3-Virtual-Machine


LC-3 Minecraft Virtual Machine

Yet another school project : )


This lib is as simple as its name, it’s just a simple UI component that separates views in Android. Because at the time of this lib, this was kind of a hassle to do in Android.
I found it used in numerous sample apps, demos, and illustrations. I picked MVVM-Demo Randomly.

How do I feel about it

If you know anything about me, then you must know that I’m derived by a certain purpose. And to see some of my works are used to serve this purpose is literally the best thing that could happen to me in my life. because this purpose is my life; without it I’m no more.