Letter by Edmund Tarbell

Why would people share how they feel with the entire world? Is it normal to hang a sign on a central wall saying that Mr.Doe is not happy? It’s quite normal when it comes to family and closed ones. But the entire world?

Now indeed it’s encouraged to share one’s feelings and opinions for everyone to see and discuss. It’s perceived as normal by many. Some say it’s therapeutic. Some accept and welcome the new change and adopt it, following the spirit of trying new things. I can understand this. I’m quite bored myself. But I won’t deny I get this urge to share how sad I am from time to time. I never do it, and I keep thinking why do I need want to do it in the first place!

I also noticed that it’s not about sharing how I feel in general; this kind of attention doesn’t thrill me, nor is sought for any reason at all. But when it comes to sorrow, I get this urge. When I’m that sad I tend to stay by myself. And this is hard to maintain when everyone assumes that I’m perfectly fine. Maybe I want to share it so that people leave me be. Maybe it does relieve some pain when I talk about it however slight.

This is a blog after all, so maybe I could be more personal and share how I feel. I don’t know if this will help at all. Or if it is even supposed to help in the first place. But here it is: I’m sad, too sad actually it’s getting to my physical health.

I’ve always found Tolkien’s description of Elves very clever and somewhat relatable to real world’s humans; Elves are immortal, yet they can get killed, or die of grief and sorrow.